Saturday, December 13, 2008

There will always be m**********rs

In case you missed it, as I did: John Stewart and John Oliver discuss the events in Mumbai. (Nod to CP, btw)

There are, as a matter of probabilities, essentially zero Muslims who are terrorists. Hundreds of millions of Muslims practice their religion peacefully. They may not endorse the actions of the U.S. (neither do I, btw), but they don't act violently or advocate violence.

But a disturbingly high proportion of terrorists invoke a bizarre version of Islam to justify being psychopaths.

Now, sure, Christians have done, and still do, the same thing. But if I ate a bug, would Marwan eat a bug, too, just to spite me? It's the non sequitur part that is som remarkable, and John Oliver points out: "We hate everything you stand for, and want to kill all your women and children. Join us."

I did have an interesting conversation, on the campaign trail, with a Muslim guy who is a prominent engineering prof at a local university. He cited the conversation between that nut woman and John McCain.

She said, "He's an Arab." McCain takes back the microphone, and so, "No, he's not. He's a decent man, a family man."

Now, I had to give McCain some credit for doing that. But I missed the point a little, as my engineering prof friend convinced me. The "He's not an Arab, he's a decent man" is in fact a problem.

The real answer is, "No, Obama is not an Arab. But what if he were? Arabs are decent people, family people..."

So, let's be careful to soft-peddle the "Islamic terrorist" thing. It's more like "Terrorists who are motivated by a distorted and illogical version of Islam."


Tom said...

With these m**********rs getting a lot of ink and, of course, the m*********ing governor of Illinois being f***ing quoted everywhere, I'm worried about a looming shortage of asterisks.

Michael said...

Asterisks are American made, and using more of them helps the economy.

So, don't be such a noodge.

SSFC said...

As many problems as I had with McCain, I was more than willing to forgive him for this gaffe. The statement, "He's an Arab," in this context, means "He's a Muslim terrorist Al Qaeda Manchurian candidate."

McCain's response, boiled down, was a polite way of saying, "You're full of it, shut up, and Jerome Corsi can go to Hell."

One wishes that McCain had said it that directly, but if during the debate to which you weren't invited Bev Perdue had called you a Mexican, would Pat McCrory have handled it as adroitly?

Or did Perdue show up for any of the debates?

JS Mosby said...

"Now, sure, Christians have done, and still do, the same thing."

But Mungowitz, if your so-called "Christians" kill innocent women and children, would anyone believe that they are still followers of Christ's teachings?

Or should you soft-peddle on that statement as well?