Saturday, December 20, 2008

A little Christmas nepotism

My neighborhood has a "patron". This guy bought all the property and set up shop with the builder who did most of the original houses. The guy made his daughter the official "interior designer" (she lives in the development as does the patron and (in yet a third house) either his mother or mother in law).

The original builder is long gone and the new builder is the patron's son-in-law. Our HOA had a Christmas lighting contest with a cash prize for first and second place. Mrs. Angus and I have been joking to ourselves about how it's really only a contest for second as the patron will have first prize awarded to himself. At least we thought we were joking until this morning, walking Pluto, we saw the first place sign in the Patron's front yard.

It's like we are still living in Mexico, only without the food, art and history (to be fair without the traffic and crime either).


Anonymous said...

Come on, Angus. I don't think you've met the burden of proof here. For all we know, patron had his interior designer daughter team up with one of his staff electricians and one of his architects to create the most glorious and magnificent Xmas lighting display EVER!

Shawn said...


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