Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Could This Possibly Be Funny? Or, Worse, Serious?

1. What kind of idiot could think that this was going to be funny?

TSA Agent plants white powder in bag....

Next: Hilarious pranksters plant bomb in ladies underwear! "I got punk'd! I got punk'd!" laughs victim.

2. This guy, Lt Gov of South Carolina, appears to believe that no humans should have an "ample food supply." You can see the point, I suppose, if you are a naive Malthusian, but his point would also appear to apply to charity soup kitchens and homeless missions. I'm a Libertarian, but even I donate money to homeless shelters and charities. As long as it's voluntary, those organizations do good work and I support them.

(Nod to Anonyman)


Jason said...

My completely unsubstantiated belief is that South Carolina politicians draw straws every few months to see who embarrasses himself in the media. It's how they discourage would-be migrants from states like New York (where this article comes from), keeping growth rates and political culture changes manageable. Sadly, hardly anyone in NC has been doing us this service since Jesse Helms left office - all we get is slimy-but-boring corruption scandals, which don't make the national news. I miss Jesse every time I have to deal with Wilmington traffic. (Which is admittedly not that often, but...)

And also, not to defend "Speedy" Bauer here, but: "The kind of poverty where, forget about college, nobody in your family has ever owned a telephone or a car or a TV or known how to read"? Yes, South Carolinians can read. (You thought that Bible was for show?) ...On second thought, maybe that negative publicity is working!

Lou Rawls said...

Non sequitur of the year, so far:

"I'm a Libertarian, but even I donate money to homeless shelters and charities."

Maybe all Objectivists are Libertarians, but not all Libertarians are Objectivists. There are even those who believe in small-l libertarianism precisely because they believe that government redistribution diminishes people's charitable impulses, thereby coarsening society.

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