Tuesday, January 26, 2010

visit exotic Oklahoma

One of the highlights our our trip last summer to the Pantanal in Brazil was seeing tons of kingfishers (my favorite type of bird). Here is an example:

I have been extremely surprised by seeing and hearing a similar bird on our morning walks in Normotopia. I've been telling Mrs. Angus, "hey that bird looks, sounds and flys like a kingfisher, I wonder what it is"? Turns out WE GOTZ KINGFISHERS IN OKLAHOMIE!! Like this one:


And, while I am pretty sure we don't have jaguars here, we do apparently have mountain lions!

Sweet home Oklahomie, people!


Anonymous said...

That truly is an awesome bird.

It seems like there's a joke about OK and cougars in here somewhere but I got nothin'.

Mountain lions are indeed cool. When I was a kid growing up in NM, our schools got shut down for a day when someone spotted a prowling mountain lion. Periodic dry spells seemed to push them down from the mountains on occasion.

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