Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Lunch at Nello's....

Russian billionaire Abramovich drops $50k for a nice lunch.

The Ward Boss writes, "Look, I had the Milanese, and the water. I'm not submitting receipts to be reimbursed for anything else...."

Good. I am not sure that the $7k+ "tip" would have made it through Duke's accounting office.

(A copy of the bill....) (Click to enlarge)

Now, you are thinking, "3 bottle of wine? For $1,500? WOW!" But wait, check again, you missed a zero....Plus, tax is more than $3,200, and the tip is more than $7,300. Nice tip...


Anonymous said...

I have had several bottles of Petrus!
It is amazing.
But, an hour later I went to the bathroom, and poof, thousands of dollars of wine got flushed!!
Hate when that happens..............

Anonymous said...

Super rich people spend a lot of money. Thanks for the insight.

Mungowitz said...

Anon 2, if you are expecting ORIGINAL insights, you are reading the wrong blog!

Anonymous said...

This is just that receipt generator that popped up a while back, right?

Michael said...

Ah, now THAT is a useful comment. I bet you are right. Well done, and thanks for pointing out the hoax.

Arnold said...

Even if it's not a fake, it's not really that surprising. He's basically spend a LOT of money on expensive wine and taxes. The rest of it is a check that anyone (including me) could have run up on any normal day.

Michael said...

Again, folks: If you are looking for interesting, surprising, etc., you are just in the wrong place.

*I* thought the tip was cool. I have seen expensive wine. I have never seen a tip that big.

So, now we have (a) boring, (b) mundane, and (c) fake. This was apparently not a very good post. I promise to give you all DOUBLE your money back.

And, if you want to say that I wasted 30 seconds of your life....well, you will NEVER get that back.

Stevem said...

Philistine! You don't order LaTache or Petrus with rigatoni and seafood spagheti unless you are trying to impress someone. The wines overwhelm those dishes...

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