Friday, January 15, 2010

WOW! I almost get creamed in a drug bust.

So, I walk to the service station where we have our car worked on. It's 4.2 miles, but it's pretty, and today was a nice day. So I walked to go pick up the Lincoln, which had had some battery cable work.

Here is the route I walked.

Between 3 and 5 minutes after I passed this spot, this happened. Here is the raw video footage, after the white van ran over the "stop strips."

Note how after two cops are holding him down a third cop comes and puts a knee on his neck. If the guy is not resisting, that is likely to make him try to resist, just so he can breathe.

Also, watch when the camera pulls back at the end. At least 20 cop cars. That is what I saw, though of course at earth level, when I came out of the McDonalds across the street, and saw that cop world had opened in the middle of Creedmoor Road at rush hour.

I wish I had been three minutes later. It would have been cool to see.


Anonymous said...

By contrast, this is how you are treated if you're intoxicated, lead the police on a long car chase and yell at them for pulling you over---oh and you have to be another cop:
The woman chastised them for putting her in handcuffs and said if she had pulled someone over going 100 MPH and found out they were police, she would let them go without warning. The woman was handcuffed briefly but permitted to go home. Although when being handcuffed the officer clearly told her to stop resisting arrest, she was permitted to go home. While the average civilian would have left jail a few days later with several felonies and a bruised and bloodied face, the same rules do not apply to the tax-eating pigs of injustice

Anonymous said...

Just curious, isn't McDonalds after/during exercise sort of defeating the purpose of a nice walk?

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