Sunday, January 10, 2010

A post in the Chronicle

An article in the most recent Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Frequent readers will recognize the story, but I am trying to make a larger point.


Tim Worstall said...

To make a very much smaller point. "Europe" does indeed do this with coins. The UK does not. But then that's just confirming my extant prejudice that the UK is not really part of Europe.


Anonymous said...

It is done in the US also bu discount grocery chain is a mere quarter for the cart, often not incentive enough.

ZombieHero said...

Luckys, a grocery chain that got bought by Albertsons some years back, did the same thing. I think it was a quarter a cart. The airports carts do the same thing, only there it's a whole dollar. I remember going to the airport in Vegas during the summers and for about 2 hours worth of work, came away with $50 bucks, weekends and convention times like now, I could net $100 easy, in about two hours.

fezgig said...

I'm curious how far up the administrative chain you think this philosophy should or could go and if you think the application is limited to only public service?

Oddly enough I worked in public service for several years for a city that boarders one of your almae matres. While there I came to similar conclusions.

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