Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Got That New-Time Religion....

What, me worry?

"Rep. John Shimkus is standing by a controversial comment that global
warming isn't something to worry about because God said he wouldn't destroy
the Earth after Noah's flood. The Illinois Republican running for the
powerful perch atop the House Energy and Commerce Committee told POLITICO on
Wednesday that his understanding of the Bible reaffirms his belief that
government shouldn't be in the business of trying to address rising
greenhouse gas emissions." [Politico]

What, me think rationally?

"My father, David Brower, the first executive director of the Sierra Club
and the founder of Friends of the Earth, could confer no higher praise than
'He has the religion.' By this, my father meant that the person in question
understood, felt the cause and the imperative of environmentalism in his or
her bones." [Kenneth Brower, Atlantic Monthly]

(Nod to Kevin Lewis)


Gmann said...

sadly, this is hardly much worse than the deceptive pseudo-scientific research that wins grants in the name of global warming these days. A friend from the UK puts it well: "Want funding for a study of, say, UK swan populations? Sorry old boy, no money. Well, in that case I would like to conduct a study into the effect of climate change on UK swan populations. Certainly, how much would you like?"

David said...

I am usually not much for religion, but I found this pretty convincing:

John said...

Eh, I question his Biblical understanding (or how it was characterized). God said he wouldn't destroy the world by flood again. But he would eventually destroy it again. Granted, that's on God's timeline, and there's not a lot we can do about it. But even so, it's irrelevant in the context of Global Warming. To rise to the level of Apocalypse, everything must be wiped out - at minimum, to say nothing of the literal annihilation of the physical Earth. I think only the most unhinged, crazy alarmists approach that prediction. So God may not destroy the world through Global Warming, but that doesn't mean the Global Warming couldn't result in massive amounts of suffering.

_None_ of that's to say anything about how much of a problem Global warming actually is, or what we should or should not do about it.