Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad Spam: These Kids Today...

Spammers used to take a little pride in their work. Make up a story, about a war, a widow, and a desperate last chance to make things right. Some romance, some mystery, knamean?

But now, these kids today simply do not take any pride in their work. Look at this spam I got yesterday: Really? If you are going to send a stupid spam phish to a million people, wouldn't you spend more than 20 seconds writing the thing? I understand spammers are busy, but where's the craftsmanship?

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Pelsmin said...

Give Diego a break. He recently lost his uncle to a car crash in Nigeria, and while in London attempting to claim his inheritance was mugged. I had to send him enough money to settle his hotel balance and buy a return ticket. If it were you, I bet your grammar and syntax would be as bad as his.
I'm sure I'll be hearing from him soon- I sent the money over a year ago. I can't wait; he's bringing a beautiful friend who wanted to meet me (once her visa sponsorship was paid for.)