Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Osama Enchanted Evening: The Assassination WILL be Live-Tweeted

Not really a Keith Olbermann fan.

But this is well done. And the live tweet bit is quite interesting, if it's real. (Not saying it's real, just passing on the link). (Though, there is this...)

There is also the "Obama Bin Laden" thing, which also appears to be real. But not sure why people are giving Fox News such a hard time. Check this: (Screen shot taken at 9:20 a.m. on May 3, 2011)

Now, sure, I understand that Time was saying that Obama struck bin Laden. But it says, plain as day, "Obama bin Laden." Yes, they changed it, on the web site, but how about some equal treatment?

These idiots, for example, are going after Fox for making a mistake. Well, where is the outrage about Time, then?


Anonymous said...

Folks are(unfairly in this case) going after Fox News because it has a history of making this kind of error. There's a long-running history of Fox mistakenly identifying Republican involved in sex scandals as Democrats. To wit:



In the case of the OBL assassination, people all over the media are mixing up Osama and Obama- I heard NPR do it on Monday morning. So while it's not fair to single out Fox in this specific case, they have a bad record on this score and are in some sense reaping what they've sowed.

Andy Bechtel said...

NPR and MSNBC made that error too:


It's also important to draw a distinction between Fox News Channel and the local news done by Fox affiliates.