Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Razing Arizona

Cute. The lefties in Arizona don't actually believe in "democracy" after all. As soon as they are in the minority, they become big "stop tyranny of the majority!" boosters. They even want to secede, and create their own little Atlantis in the Desert, presumably led by John Gulch.

For Pima County to actually become its own state:
• Pima residents would have to approve of the move in a referendum.
• The state legislature would have to approve of it, or it could pass in a state- wide referendum.
• The United States Congress would have to approve it.

The secession movement will almost certainly overcome zero of these three hurdles. But let's say that it did. This new "Baja Arizona" would be larger than Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and it would have a greater population than Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, and the Dakotas. It would probably boast two Democratic senators (which is one of many reasons why this would never get through Congress). And the state motto would be, "Arizona: Now With 70 Percent Less Crazy!" or "Phew, Glad That's Over."

(Nod to Anonyman)


Anonymous said...

I'm all for this, along with breaking Texas into five states and moving forward with the creation of Jefferson (

Art Carden said...

The seventh congressional district of Alabama has talked about something similar; here's my article about it from last summer.

Anonymous said...

Apparently just bordering California can cause these ill affects. Oregon and Nevada beware...

algernon4 said...

as dr munger once said in class..."they won't let that happen. do You know why? BECAUSE DEMOCRACY WOULD BREAK OUT EVERY WHERE! and they don't want that."