Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo of the day

(clic the pic for a more glorious perp walk)

People, who will join me in contributing to a fund to purchase razors and decent neckties for the NYPD??


Shawn said...

yeah, those god-awful ties were the first thing I saw. who the hell picks that up and says "ah, just what I was looking for!" (while thinking "maybe I can tie it too long, and with too small of a knot. perfect!")

then, whose wife says "yeah, wear that today for your high profile bust."

In fact, I blame it on the wife/s.o. Every bad idea is always the second guy(/gal)'s fault: you come up with a bad idea, that's understandable as you have blinders about yourself. But then, you tell the idea to someone else and they say "oh, yeah, that'll work! do it!"

Pelsmin said...

Proof that Justice is blind.

Anonymous said...

From the Onion NewsWire: "IMF Chief Offers Hotel Maid $19 Billion In Economic Development Aid To Drop Charges"

Steve Landsburg's Barber said...

You're an academic, and you're making fun of the way these guys are dressed?

Now that IMF dude dresses like an economist!