Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Video on Gas Price Hypocrisy

It is remarkable to watch how the ideological bias of the media condihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftions the response to higher gas prices. And the president's scorn for SUVs is impressive, especially since this is his ride.

We have talked before about how higher prices may have some useful effects. In particular, we are not going to "run out" of oil, even though the peak oil harpies shriek about it.

But you can't say the effects of X are bad if Republicans are in power, but good if Democrats are in power.


Pelsmin said...

The compelling logic of his argument is enough to overcome my skepticism from that 'stache.

Anonymous said...

Look closely at the clip and you will see that the real hypocrisy is from the creator of the video. The easist to see is the interview with Amanda Ripley near the end of the video. Note the Time Magazine cover in the background. If you research the cover, you will find that that issue is dated July 14, 2008. Ms. Ripley had an article in Time about the benefits of high gas prices in the July 2, 2008 issue of Time. Yet Don Smith, the narrator of the video would like the viewer to believe that the video clip with Ms. Ripley was made since Obama took office. The Harry Smith clip and the Priva David clip are also from July 2008.