Monday, May 14, 2012

Euro woes

Some European financial news for you this Monday.

A Euro-wide stock index is down around 2%, The Greek stock index is down around 5%, Spain's down around 2.5%.

Spanish 10 year bonds are up to yielding 6.22%, Italy's now yield 5.75%.

German 10 year bonds are paying 1.45%, but the German and French stock indices are both down around 2%.

The big, big question is, can the Euro-zone limit contagion from a Greek exit and keep Spain and Italy in?


Anonymous said...

Who the hell is paying those prices? I'd consider some Spanish bonds if they were paying maybe 25-30%.

Gerardo said...

Spanish bonds? Yo quiero infinito!

Angus said...

Very nice Gerardo. Joe Strummer lives!

Anonymous said...

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