Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ron Artest sets the record straight

The artist formerly known as World Peace went on Conan last night to give his side of the James Harden concussion saga.

It turns out that Harden frequently "runs into people's elbows".

I love this spin. People should use it more frequently.

Lincoln runs into people's bullets ~ John Wilkes Booth

Rodney King runs into people's nightsticks ~ LAPD

Give me some better examples in the comments.


Warren said...

Afghanis run into torture ~ Busbama

Steve Schow said...

Monica Lewinsky trips and falls onto cigars.

Andy said...

The Constitution keeps running into our plans -Government

John said...

"Nancy Kerrigan's knees keep running into night-sticks."
-Shane Stant

"Shane Stant's eardrums keep running into pressure waves that his brain interprets as requests for him to attack Nancy Kerrigan."
- Tonya Harding

John said...

"Alderaan keeps running into lasers."
-Grand Moff Tarkin

Anonymous said...

John frequently "runs his junk into people's knives". -Lorena Bobbit

Brad Hutchings said...

"They ran into my refrigerator." -Jeff Dahmer

Anonymous said...

Danny Pearl's neck ran into a jihadist's sword.

Anonymous said...

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