Friday, May 11, 2012

The Thin Black Comb

There's a fun WSJ op-ed this morning on dialing down occupational licensure requirements for professions like barber, auctioneer, interior designer, and others.

Here's how the "director of a barbering school in Michigan" responded to a proposal to eliminate licensing for barbers:

"I'm not saying we are as important as doctors, but we are the closest you can get. We are turning this into the Wild, Wild West."


I was not aware that licensed barbers are the thin line between life as we know it and the zombie apocalypse.

I guess there are few things more scary than the prospect of a haircut not sanctioned by your government.


Expected Optimism said...

Barbers are some of the few people we allow to use sharp, pointy objects on our heads. They're in the same elite group as brain surgeons, dentists and mall kiosk ear piercers.

Gerardo said...

Unusually clever headline.

Anonymous said...

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