Sunday, May 20, 2012

We like to party

Saturday morning we heard the sound of a large truck in our rustic cul-de-sac. Since that is big doings in these parts, Mrs. A looked out the window to see a dump truck depositing a large load of topsoil onto our neighbors' driveway. We speculated about how this load would be employed, but we never got anywhere near the answer.

People, the dirt pile was the entertainment at a kid's birthday party! I've heard of clowns, magicians, ponies, & pinatas, but this was a first in my limited (no kids) experience.

What's the strangest kids party that you've seen?

(clic the pics for even more glorious images)


Andrew said...

That's really weird. Did they put it to some normal use afterward?

Angus said...

Andrew: define "normal"!

The dirt disappeared the next day, one wheelbarrow at a time, I think into the back yard but am not sure.