Thursday, May 31, 2012

Links: Stupid Government Tricks

Wow.  Government 'round the globe have lost their mind.  But as usual New York leads the way.

1.  Thailand's rice policy...well, it's really dumb.

2.  New York I:  No more big drinks, you fat ass people.  Of course, you can always buy two small ones.

3.  New York II:  Sen. Schumer, NY's gift to the looney bin called "the Senate," wants to regulate metal grill brushes.  No, really, he does.  He wants FEDERAL regulation of grill brushes.

4.  The EPA actually uses helicopters, and sends agents armed with automatic weapons, to help regulate cows.  In Nebraska.  There are no mountains, and few forests, in Nebraska.  Why does everything have to be so militaristic?  If you want to blame GW Bush, okay, but that was a while ago now.  It's not getting better.

5.  I always say that actions taken by citizens are called "crimes" when the same actions taken by government are just "policy."  Like Pres. Obama's list of people he wants to murder, without due process or legal justification.  But here is an actual list of crimes committed by police over the Memorial Day holiday.  None of them will likely be prosecuted.  Enjoy your weekend!


CEds said...

Yep. Leave it to New York. And this plan comes after the failure of the (still existing) law requiring all food and drink items to have a neat indication of the amount of calories in them right by the side--a law which has actually resulted in the consumption of MORE calories by New Yorkers!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if food & beverage companies were pushing the "No big sizes" laws. The margins are better on the smaller sizes - especially if the customer has to buy two of them.

John Thacker said...

Rand Paul forced a vote in the Senate on whether on not the FDA should carry weapons when raiding raw milk farmers (or should have to ask for FBI, etc. assistance.) He got about 15 Senators (all GOP) to agree with him that it should not.

I'm sure an EPA vote would go similarly.

Woj said...

I think NY forgot that many fast-food restaurants have free refills on soda .People will have to walk from their chairs to the soda machine more often though...

Shylock Holmes said...

Yet the administration’s very success at killing terrorism suspects has been shadowed by a suspicion: that Mr. Obama has avoided the complications of detention by deciding, in effect, to take no prisoners alive.

I'm always surprised that critics of Guantanamo Bay didn't see the increase in predator strikes as an entirely predictable consequence of making it politically impossible to lock up terrorists without trial.

If you think that the circumstances of the capture of terrorists make civilian trials impractical (inadmissible evidence, lack of crime scene investigators on a battlefield, can't reveal covert sources, what do you do with them if they're found innocent, etc.), then the only options available are Guantanamo, the Saudi Secret Police or a predator drone. Or just leave them there - I guess that's an option too, but probably not likely to lead to re-election.

Bottom line, I don't think there's any good answers to the question of what exactly to do with a lot of these suspected terrorists.

Tom said...

NY bodega business opportunity: Sell empty 32 oz cups (30¢). Also: sell 16 oz drinks: one is $1.20; two for two bucks.