Tuesday, May 29, 2012

He was a Lego Man, but now he's an Ass Man

So, perhaps this is the problem, says Angry Alex:

But this seems a bit much

An executive at a Palo Alto software giant was charged Monday with four felony counts of burglary, after authorities said he allegedly made his own bar code stickers, switched the tags, and then bought boxes of LEGOs at Target stores for huge discounts.

The guy had nearly 2,500 boxes of LEGOs in his house, and he was selling them on eBay.  The thing is that if he was making $50 each, and he sold 2,500, that's still only $50,000.  How can that possibly have been worth the time and risk?  Amazing.


Pelsmin said...

Marking them up and reselling on Ebay? I would have thought there was a more reasonable explanation for this behavior, like maybe he had a dozen 8-year-old boys held captive in a crawl space. Looking at a picture of his house http://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/thomas-langenbachs-house/view/?service=1 I think he could fit at least 50 of them in undetected. Trulia gives a clue about what may have motivated his stealing. His house has dropped by $600K in the four years since he bought it. Still, that's gonna take a lot of legos to cover.

Anonymous said...

Support the cause here:


Anonymous said...

How did he think he could get away with it? He must have been assuming that Target didn't use software.

SheetWise said...

$50,000 ??? He was making $50 each or $20? At $50 sale of 2,500 is $125k.

sfw said...

You obviously earn a lot more than I do. It would take me over a year to earn $50k. I don't steal and never will but a $50k return for maybe six months work? Good money. Perhaps Mungowitz could broaden his circle of social contacts.

tdcrone said...

SFW, I suspect the point isn't how much you or I or mm make, but rather that this guy is probably pulling in five times what he could hope to pull in with petty theft, if he spent all day every day on it. Surely he'd have done better to pick up a big project and get his resume in order.

MM, you've clearly been spending too much time in Raleigh. You should go visit some economists over the summer, I hear they're good at the maths. :)