Friday, May 25, 2012

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

From the KPC request for posts pool:

"If you were the supreme ruler of the USA, what would be the top 5 things you would do?"

1. Increase the inflow of immigrants, especially skilled immigrants.

2. Increase school choice, especially for lower income families.

3. Big tax reform with a broad base, low rates, and a carbon tax included in the mix.

4. Use a combination of size limits, leverage limits, and capital requirements that move with size/leverage to reduce the frequency with which finance blows up the economy (instead of trying to micro-manage a la Dodd-Frank / Volcker rule).

5. De-porkify the Federal Government (Dept. of Agriculture, Ex-Imp bank, small business administration,   military procurement).

Other priority items would be work to privatize public universities,work for a "trade not aid" approach to developing countries, and work on patent reform.

I shudder to think what Tom will think of it, but that's it; that's my list!


Sam Wilson said...

Why only skilled immigrants? What's wrong with unskilled immigrants?

Angus said...

You are right Sam, if I'm the supreme ruler I don't need to worry about public opinion! I modified slightly the original post.

Anonymous said...

No free and fair elections then

Tom said...

There's only one thing on my list. As supreme ruler, I decree there shall be no supreme rulers.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to increase school choice for low income families, while privatizing public universities?

Should I take this as you giving the ok to a huge jump in tuition costs, while saying you are going to help low income families choose schools? tell me what I missed because that sounds counterproductive

Tom said...

Gee Anon #2, do you really expect an answer when you won't put your name to your question?

Despite that, I would like to know if it's reasonable to increase FOOD choice for low income families, while privatizing farms?

I would tell you what you missed, but there is a 64 trillion character limit on these posts.

Angus said...

Dear Anon #2: many public universities are already effectively privatized. My university now only gets about 25% of its revenue from the State of Oklahoma, but the State exercises 100% political control of what happens. So, privatize them, and let the states use the money they spends on institutions as vouchers for students (if they choose to). School choice and competition can work at higher education levels as well as at lower education levels.