Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bad Mojo

Yikes!! Anybody want to buy a pair of Thunder season tickets? I'll never be able to un-see this:

Two part question: (A) which country US or Spain has the worst unis? (B) which of the three Thunder players looks the silliest?


Andrew said...

My vote:
(A) US, the beret w/logo is just sad, and the polo logo is out of place on a national uniform. Agreed that both suck.

(B) Harden--the beard pushes him over the top. Ibaka can pull off a fashion statement like this.

Brad Hutchings said...

Ibaka looks damned sharp. The US uniforms are an embarrassment. At any rate, the NBA ballers shouldn't have to wear them.

Shawn said...

I like clothes--a lot. Ralph is up there high on my list; probably only second to Gant, as a whole. So...preppy is sorta "my thing."

And, LORD, is that uniform bad. It's not even geek-menswear-blogger acceptable. The beret--god, the beret. THAT'S NOT EVEN A REMOTELY AMERICAN THING. Double breasted blazers are cool again these days, but damned hideous--look out for someone with the button undone, and you'll see how bad they are. Club collars also suck, but that's more debatable.

The tie is...meh. I'd wear it, if I wore ties. And white pants OR white shoes are cool--never together. to the dude in the middle: is that an NBA player? I had to look, not watching the olympics, to learn that that was the spanish uni. (Aside: it was a russian design--ummm...strange...spain's not italy, but they're not slouches, surprising they'd let that go out of house). If he buttoned his jacket correctly (middle button, not all 3) and wore a different (or preferably no) tie, and lost the dumb ass fedora, I don't think that dress uni is bad at all (assuming the blazer isn't polyester). Their mens' 'athletic' jackets, however, are absolutely god-awful--ed-hardy-awful--with that swirly french-curve design. The polo shirts dudes got are pretty much the ugliest things ever.

Ok...that's enough.

Angus said...

The man in the middle is Serge Ibaka of the Congo, the Thunder and Spain.