Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.   Kid thought he was having nightmare.  To wake up, shot himself in forehead.  Mushrooms were involved.  "It didn't feel real."  I bet it didn't.  Until it did.

2.  We have no idea what is going on in Iraq.  But it is probably not good.

3. Timmy Mac wants to compete for "Biggest idiot since Joe Morgan" prize. But that's a big idiot to fill. My own experience with Locks of Love, in 2007. As for Mr. McCarver's question: Actually, quite a few young women turn out to have alopecia areata, and it's pretty tough.

4.  Man lives off Craig's List for a month, then sells the story.

5.  Conservatives are happier.  I'd say the reason is straightforward:  if you don't expect the world to be perfect, you are not bothered that it is not perfect.  Liberals project their goals onto everyone, and their wring their hands because they don't want to be authoritarian.  That conflict, a rigid narrow view of a just society, and the unwillingness to try to impose it, are always going to leave lefties unhappy.

6.  If you need a pig for emotional might be a redneck.  At least now "when pigs fly" has come true.

(Nods to the Blonde, to Angry Alex, and to Dutch Boy)


Johnson85 said...

"Liberals project their goals onto everyone, and their wring their hands because they don't want to be authoritarian."

???? Were you talking about classical liberals here? I haven't seen too much liberal hand-wringing over the angst caused by imposing their will on other people. Not even hand-wringing for show. They seem perfectly comfortable with the fact that they are enlightened and it is their duty to impose their will on the ignorant masses.

Anonymous said...

Johnson85 beat me to it. Lefties don't want to be authoritarian? WTF?

Angry Alex said...

What the other two said Doc. Statist impulses are at the core of what it means to be a liberal

John said...

#1,2,and 3 all stole my thunder.

Unknown said...

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