Friday, September 21, 2012

First Owls, Now Mosquitos

Owls are criminal masterminds?  Living in Raleigh, I've been hearing that for years, sure.

But....mosquitos are game theorists?  The Ward Boss wants to know.


Zachary said...


Only 650,000 people die in exchange for abstinence from DDT. A few broken eggs, Right?

Pelsmin said...

Let me get this straight; before they put up treated nets indoors, 55% of all bites occurred indoors. After the nets went up, only 32% of the bites occurred indoors. And they attribute this to adaptive behavior? How about attributing it to the frigging nets? Show me some gross figures for total day time bites. Did they go up in absolute terms? And even if so, maybe the skeeters were hungrier, having missed their midnight snacks.