Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My dinner with(out) Chrissie

Had a lovely dinner at Rasika West End with LeBron and Mrs. Angus. Food was really delicious. We shared a lot of dishes. Appetizers were scallops, asparagus uttapam, & crispy spinach. They were out of this world. I figured then that the entrees probably wouldn't live up, but I was wrong. We had lamb chops, and black cod, and they were great.

Didn't have to yell to make ourselves heard, very good service, and incredible food. It's not exactly cheap, but I've had more expensive dinners that I didn't like as much.

Highly recommended, though I wouldn't pass up a dinner with that company no matter what was on the menu.

PS: only one of us had dessert, can you guess who?


Pelsmin said...

Best restaurant in DC. Along with the food (you ordered all the right things) they have great cocktails. I never order those at other places, but the whiskey drink they mix is awesome. If you liked it, try Indique. Not in the league with Rasika, but damned good, cheaper, and if you're lucky you can get the table on the balcony over Connecticut.

James Oswald said...

I'm going to guess LeBron had dessert.

JWO said...

LeBron has said that Indian deserts are very good, so I would guess that he had the dessert.

Anonymous said...

Rasika West End review


Angus said...

James and Jim: yes, yes, yes, LeBron had dessert. Not a traditional Indian one though.

Unknown said...

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