Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mungo move over, let Angus take over

Mungo may have run for Governor of NC, but this morning I realized that I, Angus, want to be President of the USA!

It hit me this morning when I saw this (more info here):

The President can put art from the National Gallery in his/her house!

So I could live for 8 years (people you KNOW I'm getting re-elected) in a House full of Richters, Hodgkins, Keifers, and more.

I can be surrounded by Rothkos! Pollocks! Johns!

I can have that huge, awesome Max Ernst statue in my rec room. I can have Brancusis on my coffee tables. Marino Marinis on my patio (q: what's horseback and overly happy? a: the rider in a Marini sculpture).

All this could be IN MY HOUSE! (hey it's a better reason for running than Romney's!)

PS: I'd lean on the Hirshhorn to lend me some Bacons!!

1 comment:

Tom said...

You can have all that much more simply, Angus. Plus, it can be sized to fit your house. Reproductions!

In fact, I have them all right now, at least until I close the browser window.