Monday, September 17, 2012

More Government? More Markets? Wrong Questions!

Here is the video of the gig I did up at GMU last week.  It's more than an hour, but the quality of the video is very good.  Thanks to FFF for setting this up, and producing the video.  Nice.

Several points to watch for:

1.  My laptop has a neon green "Eat at Flaming Amy's!" sticker.  I didn't really think that through, I guess.  Pretty distracting.

2.  Bart Frazier does an excellent Colin Farrell imitation, for the intro.

3.  Great audience.  Really enjoyed the talk!

Michael C. Munger "More Markets? More Government? Wrong Question!" from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo.



Unknown said...

The look on your face as I took the mic kind of threw me. I'll claim that this is what explains my stammering and not the likelihood that I'm a buffoon when speaking in public as the normal state of affairs.

Mungowitz said...

Duke, you are projecting. The lights were so bright I really couldn't see who was asking questions.

Art Carden said...

Were the chanting externalities planted to reinforce your point?

J Scheppers said...

Very good work, Dr. Munger.

I still believe the pricing is only one side of the balance. The counter party to the tax is equally important to getting the transaction correct.

I really like your emphasis on practical use of torts to provide the correct incentives. While difficult, as almost all things in politics, effective torts seemed a reasonable and implementable scheme by politicians I watch on TV. ( I really don't know many politicans personally.)

Anonymous said...

Great talk as usual :)