Friday, March 22, 2013

I Learn My Place in the House Pack

I'm in my office at home, working on a paper, trying to finish it before I go to a conference.  The phone rings.  On the caller ID I see it is the LMM, calling from HER office...which is upstairs.  In the same house.  What the heck? "Hello, dear.  Is everything okay?"

She answers, in a low voice:  "Yes, it's fine.  Can you get me some more tea?"

"Um...all right, sure."  I go to the kitchen, which is downstairs, and get her a fresh cup of tea.  I take it up and put it on her desk..

She smiles, and says, "Thanks!  I would have gotten it, but I didn't want to wake the dog." Our new dog, Skip, was sleeping at her feet, and he follows her everywhere if she gets up.

I imagine that this was his reaction when he learned that he is above me in the dominance hierarchy of our house pack.  "Ha, ha, fat man!  I win!  Now make me some bacon!"

Click for an even more triumphant image.


Margy Tuckman said...

Laughed out loud at this story.
Yes you must understand where you are in the pack!!!
sounds like Skip has found a friend

John Covil said...

My wife and I have this exchange via text message. The beagle must not be disturbed when he is sleeping on your lap.