Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Hard....It's a Hard...It's a Hard Rain, That's Gonna Fall

Like our benighted Prez, France's Hollande honestly believed that all you had to do to "solve" the unemployment crisis was to have everyone work for the government.

But if everyone works for the government, or otherwise gets more money from the government than they pay to the government in taxes....well, SOMEBODY has to pay.  There is no way to add up a bunch of expenditures and call it "revenue."

I don't blame Obama, or Hollande, for believing that nonsense.  I blame voters for believing Obama and Hollande.  They ain't never lied:  They SAID they were going to do what in fact they are doing.

Ooooh!  Wait!  Hollande DOES have a plan, after all.  You just have to put a 75% tax on the few people who DO have jobs.  Of course, they will all leave the country.  And then you blame THEM for being greedy.  And Germany bails you out.  France is occupying its impregnable "ImaginIknow" line.


Anonymous said...

If your name is Pierre Merdedelapoulet and you look at your neighbor Germany, how cracked out fragrance do you have to be to think "we should do the opposite of what they're doing"?

John Thacker said...

Pretty sure that Angus needs to point out to you that France is currently a wealthy country per capita, so you're not allowed to claim that raising taxes so high isn't a Path to further Prosperity.

russell said...

this is otherwise known as the detroit or baltimore model.

so far, the model is not working out very well in neither detroit nor baltimore