Friday, March 15, 2013

Fake talk from your new Pope

Second Update:

I'm now pretty sure that this "quote" is actually a hoax. Sorry for any distress seeing it may have engendered.

"Women are naturally helpless to exercise political positions. The natural order and the facts show us that man is the being for politics by excellence; the Scriptures show us that the woman is always the support of the thoughtful man and doer, but nothing more than that.”

~Jorge Mario Bergoglio

source is here.

Like I say, got to keep a strong Pope hand.

Update: the above source link, which I cut and pasted the quote from has been changed and the quote is removed. Not sure what that means.

Here is another source, (obviously not a neutral one) giving the quote in English and Spanish. Please let me know if you see anything about this being bogus and I'll take it down. I'd like to believe it's not accurate.

Hat tip to the LMM for informing me about the original link.


Bob Knaus said...

It's not in the linked source, and Googling the first sentence brings up hits only from... let's call them fringe sites. Are you sure this quote is accurate?

Jeff R. said...

If he didn't actually write it, he should have!

MK said...

Discussion of this here, with links to article saying this is an urban legend:

Innisfree said...

seems it's a calumnious fake:

in Spanish:

in English:

Bob Knaus said...

Thank you for being honest and open about this. No distress was caused on my part.

Kevin said...

I'm not even Catholic, but why perpetuate the rumour by leaving it posted on your website?