Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1. How far could a drug cannon shoot? Or, how much drugs could a punkin chunker chunk, if a punkin chunker could chunk drugs?

2. We're all welfare queens now.

3.   Townhall article on "Politics of Need" by Simmons and Yonk

4.  Economic freedom tastes like pineapples, and black pepper, though not necessarily combined.

5.  Washington, PA tests its emergency gaydar system.  Or not.

6.  Selling "Al Gore's Here!  Ah!" to "Al Jazeera" (see what I did there?) was kind of creepy.  But apparently the idea was also stolen.  I'm not sure why anyone would be surprised.  Al-Go is all about sitzzackin' that pizzaper.

7.  Nutella thievery is RAMPANT at Columbia U.  And there are dark rumors that ketchup, and even slices of bread, have also been stolen.

8.  Harrisburg, PA:  What governments try to help.

9.  Spain joins Germany in recognizing renewable energy is fake, and subsidies are wasteful.  Rent-seekers sue.  Hilarity ensues.

10.  9th Circuit Court briefly pulls it head out of its robes, and serves up two decisions that seem consistent with basic constitutional principles.  Cool.

Lagniappe:  This has to be fake.



Max said...

I think you have a misunderstanding concerning Germany. While there is some alarm and scepsis towards the renewable system, the German government and most of the media (almost all leftist) still push for the goal of 20% renewables until 2020. On top of that they don't want to reverse their policy on nuclear power (not with us!).

While there might be more realism in Spain by now, I think Germany is not yet hit hard enough to reconsider their position.
I should know I live in Germany and I have been following the German energy industry since I studied mechanical engineering.
Up to now the German energy grid is too versatile to allow for a black-out meaning that until we see black-outs there won't be any mainstream backpaddling.

Mungowitz said...

Max: I was just being an ass. That should be your first assumption. Not serious, just being an ass again.

Pelsmin said...

As for the unicycles and pots, that ain't fake, baby, that's 10,000 hours.

I did notice the one in purple stopped smiling for a moment, so it's back to the farm for her. Gotta make an example or they stop trying.