Friday, September 20, 2013

Fade into New?

Wow. Mazzy Star is coming back with a new album!


You can stream it here. Judging from the first song, it's pretty good.

I've been a big David Roback fan since Rain Parade, Opal, & the early Mazzy Star recordings.

They are even touring.

Apropos of very little, check out this amazing J. Macsis cover of the Mazzy Star classic, Fade Into You:


Will Cooper lives! said...

Hail, fellow RP fan! Not a lot of us around. Do you have the Kendra Smith solo stuff? Always thought she dragged Roback into much weirder and better places than he'd have gone on his own. Of course you don't sell any records that way...

Angus said...

I have 5 ways of disappearing. Also have some Dream Syndicate with her. Agree that Opal was much weirder/darker than Mazzy Star.

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