Friday, September 27, 2013

Republicans Are Hopeless Hypocrites

A surprisingly fact-based and useful article in WaPo, by David Fahrenthold.  Worth reading in full.

"To assess what the first six [budget battles since 2010] accomplished, The Washington Post tried to measure the government in four different dimensions: federal expenditures, federal workers, federal rules and federal real estate. The first two were down, slightly. The third was way up. And in the fourth case, the government itself wasn’t sure what happened...The administration now counts 226 separate programs that aim to promote education in the 'STEM' fields: science, technology, engineering and math. Many overlap, according to outside audits. Some overlap substantially. This year, the administration proposed to consolidate them in the name of efficiency. The number should shrink, they said. All the way down to 110. Even in the deficit-obsessed House, many legislators thought that might be too few. 'A little overlap and a little duplication may not be bad,' said Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-Va.), whose appropriations subcommittee considered the White House plan. Wolf said the White House didn’t have good data on which of the 226 worked and which didn’t. So why take the risk of cutting a good one? 'I would rather err on the side of not doing something that puts us behind' other countries, Wolf said. Other legislators worried about institutions back home — museums, schools, hospitals — which got grants from this maze of overlapping programs. If it got simpler, they might get nothing. So the House said no. The Senate did too. The idea fizzled." [Washington Post]

Is this why I hate Republicans?  It's not the only reason, of course.  But, yes. Partly because if there is any evidence, it's that the whole "STEM crisis" is actually a hoax anyway.  Republicans just want to make sure they don't give money to POOR people.  Giving away money to rich people and corporations is no problem at all.

Nod to Kevin Lewis.

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