Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Mr. Big feels all empty inside.  He gets some advice.

2.  Just put a monkey in charge, as long as the monkey is trained.  The Atlantic.

3.  This is fascinating.  What is it with UNC Profs and a near total incapacity for self-awareness?  Prof. Frampton thought he was a hottie, and this lady thinks....I'm not sure what she thinks.  But she clearly thinks she should be allowed to drive drunk.  I'm sympathetic to the legal challenge, I suppose.  Still, it takes some huevos to defend oneself in that way.

4.  Pravda article on Putin and Obama.  Hilarious, and accurate, sometimes.   Hilarious when it's inaccurate, and sad when it's accurate.

5.   A well-regulated militia.

6.  If teachers don't have to wear underwear, why do we even NEED a government?  Of course, there is a double standard:  male teachers who try to seduce teen-age girls are predators.  Female teachers who try to seduce 18 year old boys are called "best teacher ever."  Here are 50 BTE's to consider:  should they be in jail?  This, after all, is not supposed to be an indictment.  Have you seen Junior's GRADES?  (Angry Alex:  You're welcome...)

7.  Okay, fine, Putin may win in Syria.  But those Rooskis aren't gonna be satisfied with no stinkin' BORSCHT once they have that Krispy Kreme, baby!

8.  Sammy Sosa:  Vampire?

9.  Norway is gonna do what?

10.  A novel, and quite workable, solution to the Syria crisis:  Drop Congress on the bastards.

11.  The fact that this man can run, and sometimes win, elections, is all you need to know about what's wrong with America.  Well, okay, and this guy.

12.  When rent-seeking is legalized, then pretty much everyone will be a rent-seeker.

13.  Baby naming rights....

14.  Palmetto State blues for ACA...

15.  Cheese brine to the rescue in Wisconsin.  Yes, really.  Hats off to Tofe.

16.  Awesomeness in memory of Coase, from my good friend Richard Epstein.

17.  Fascinating double-header on inequality from Thomas Edsall of the NYT.  First, perhaps democracy does not serve "the people," after all?  Second (from back in June, admittedly), perhaps there is not so much inequality in the first place, if you account for (a) changing household size and (b) transfers?

18.  How ya gonna keep down on the farm once they've been....well, "down on the farm."?  Hired by a top?  Karl Marx would have a "field day", I suppose.  ("Field day," ha, he said "field day.")

19. Accountants must act "in the public interest."  Not obey the law, mind you.  Actively serve the public interest.   It's perfectly possible to have everything legal, and yet still violate this "rule."  Golly.

20.  Winners of the 2013 IG-Nobel....

21.  People in Pittsburgh get parking tickets.  For parking in driveways.  Their OWN driveways.

22.  Too implausible for a sitcom premise for an episode.  But it happened.

23.  Now boarding:  Flight 666 to HEL, on Friday 13th.

24.  I should have made an ad like THIS, in '08.  Except he looks way better without a shirt than I do.

25.  Like a chat with Grampa....if Grampa was a badass.

26.  Dress me!  Dress me!  Dress me in your Google suit!

27.  Did these young ladies think was funny?  I assume they weren't serious.

28.  You mean Skippy would do the "happyfeedme!" dance for a ROBOT?  Oh, that's just wrong....

29.  Are you ready for some subsidies?

30.  State tells woman to change her name, to make their record-keeping easier.

31.  Comedy gold:  E.J. Eskow debunks libertarianism.  It might be a problem that he's actually serious, but it's not a problem for ME.

32.  Robin at Cherokee Gothic on "Crime in Latin America."

33.  It's pretty easy to make me cry.  So I cried at this.

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