Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I got your warrior princess right here, bud

In a simply stunning display of cluelessness, avarice, and ugly american-ness, Mindy Budgor is cashing in on the hospitality of the Masai people.

One of the commenters at the link above provides some spot on perspective to Mindy's self-absorbed story:

"This is a very wonderful article. As an African man who became a full professor in an American university in just two weeks, I appreciate Mindy's struggle. I was visiting the University of ** when I asked a young man named Josh how many African professors there were. Josh, who was a prince in his own suburb in New Jersey, exclaimed: "None, of course. It would be too hard for you Africans." We must change this, I insisted, and asked what I had to do to become a full professor. "You must shotgun a sixpack and toke on a bong," he said. "But you can't do that. You are too weak and will be wasted in no time." I told my parents I was being sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education to become a professor, then I went to Josh's dorm room, where I spotted a six-pack. I immediately shotgunned every beer. "Give me a bong now, " I said, amazed at my own audacity. He did so, shocked by my perseverance. I managed to hold in my coughs, although my lungs were bursting. Later I took part in the Saturday night ritual where I danced the "Full Professor Dance." This is why I sympathize with Mindy and applaud her remarkable book. I look forward to spearing lions with her on the Serengeti soon."

Now, it does usually take more than 7 years to "dance the full professor dance", but it doesn't involve adult circumcision or lion spearing.

At least not in my case.  Mungo??

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Anonymous said...

I love the part how she asked her dad's permission even though she 'fibbed' to get it. "But my fib worked. My dad said, "OK, I guess this might help you get into business school." That was pretty much it." So, tough entrepreunerial suburban Gucci warrior when her dad says it's OK? Got it.