Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey Mungo: Here's another reason to hate solar!

Firefighters complain that solar panels on the roof make it more dangerous for them to do their jobs:

Interestingly, the article does not give a single example of a firefighter being injured from a solar panel.


Mungowitz said...

They just can't go on the roof at all. So they have to let the fire burn: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101012540

This is interesting. I didn't realize the cells can't be turned off. http://www.fireengineering.com/articles/print/volume-162/issue-1/features/the-impact-of-solar-energy-on-firefighting.html

No wonder no fireman has been injured. They have to stand back and let the building burn to the ground. All they can do is try to protect the surrounding buildings. I wonder what this does to fire insurance, since they can't put the fires OUT?

Simple.Machine said...

It is because sun is made out of their mortal enemy, fire.

Angus said...

I am pretty sure there is plenty of middle ground between "can't go on the roof" and "let the building burn to the ground".

G Wolf said...

I read the article and still don't understand why they are a danger. If the circuit is opened, how can electricity keep flowing?

albina N muro said...

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