Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  This football story sounds like the premise for a feel-good movie.  But not a very good one.  Better story when it's true, though.

2.  Well, of COURSE they spied on him.  You can't trust those, "tolerance, peaceful protest, nonviolence" types.  They are basically terrorists, right?

3.  Cash for clunkers?  Thai style.

4.  Papa Smurf, the actual man with blue skin, passes away.

5.  Local gotta love local government.  A "bollard?"  And they want to put something over them?  Golly.

6.  For education:  The "What Works Clearinghouse."

7.  On Obamacare and rent-seeking:  Apples, Oranges, Pots, Kettles.

8.  Bastiat could not have said it better.  Or have been more hilariously sarcastic.

9.  Consider the following argument.  Hitler killed Jews.  Hitler was a vegetarian.  Therefore, all vegetarians kill Jews.  Pretty dumb argument, right?  But then why does "Business Insider" publish Henry Blodgett's screed that uses exactly this sort of logic about Ayn Rand?  He says that Henry Binswanger is an Objectivist.  And Henry Binswanger has certain bizarre beliefs.  Therefore, Ayn Rand is ruining the world.

10.  Man grows new nose on forehead, to replace damaged organ.  I hope John Wayne Bobbitt doesn't hear about this.  I'm just sayin'.

11.  "Have I Changed?"  An interesting and reflective article by a student in my "Intro to Political Economy" class.

12.  Painfully cute bulldog puppies.  No more than that, no message.  Just sweet.

13.  BHO has a plausible case, here.

14.  The rent-seekers get richer... Always a bad sign when the wealthiest city in an empire is the political capital, rather than the business and trade centers.

15.  Elderly woman gets that high school diploma, laughingly says, "I feel SO much smarter!"

16.  We don't serve bears!  Get out of here!

17.  Celebrating mass:  Okay.  Sending mass texts:  Not okay.

18.  So many hilarious things here.  If this snake escaped the plane with a mate, it would wreak ecological havoc!  And since it was in Australia, and everyone is called "mate," it could happen!

19.  In a job funk?  Call Bob Funk!  For a part-time job without health benefits.

20.  Rabbits can fly?  With a little help, perhaps.  Yum.  I eat meat, also, so I can't really complain.

21.  The enormous reach of the Munger Weapons.

22.  Cheaters ruin it for everyone.  But it did create "jobs" for people.  Another piece of evidence about destructive rent-seeking can be.

23.  Wow.  This is savage.  Surprising.  To be fair, though, the job of satire is to satirize.  Well done.

24.  CrossFit:  an interesting libertarian predisposition.

25.  Solar-pay, whoa-whoa.  Solar-pay, whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. To be fair, it may well "make sense" from the perspective of the home-owner to get rooftop panels.  Because other people are paying more than all the costs.  That is, the subsidies are actually more than 100% of the cost of the panels.  That's a wise choice, from the perspective of the homeowner.  Not so wise in terms of public policy.

26.  6 myths about U.S. schools...

27.  Does dieting make you dumber?

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Anonymous said...

The funniest part of the Jon Stewart clip is that the story immediately preceding it on the show was about the idea that entrenched interests will make it hard to undo or change Obamacare, which he dismissed as cynical and absurd, complete with righteous smirk as he broke to commercial. The two segments were basically a before and after story, and they ran with it, without the slightest hint of awareness.