Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Honey do's and Honey don'ts

I was not aware of how much political clout US beekeepers possessed.

Here's a fascinating story about "food fraud", aka tariff evasion, in the honey market.

Here are some of the impressive bits:

After U.S. beekeepers accused Chinese companies of selling their honey at artificially low prices, the government imposed import duties in 2001 that as much as tripled the price of Chinese honey. Since then, little enters from China legally.

and this:

The raid on the ALW office on North Wabash Avenue occurred seven months later, after U.S. honey producers had warned Commerce and Homeland Security that companies might be smuggling in cheap Chinese honey. Low prices made them suspicious.

People its a very sweet deal indeed when you can get the government to create a monopoly for you and also get it to go after any "cheaters" with "armed federal agents, all wearing bulletproof vests."


Simple.Machine said...

the honey keeper is sad and cross
and wicked as a weasel
and when she perches on you boss
she leaves a little measle

Brandon Berg said...

They have bees. You don't mess with people who can sic bees on you.

Tom said...

Bullet proof vests bespeaks an expectation of armed resistance. At some point, these expectations will become self fulfilling.