Thursday, September 26, 2013

My life, and welcome to it

Here is a conversation, virtually verbatim, that I have at least once a week.

Usually, I "cheated" on her.  Now, I wouldn't mind if *I* dreamed about cheating on her.  She might plausibly blame me for that. But it's HER dream.  I get the blame, and none of the fun.  It's not right.


John Covil said...

Been there a few times before, but thankfully not weekly.

Anonymous said...

When wife dreams you cheated don't ask if the girl was hot! Makes things much worse.

Brn said...

Also (from recent experience), after she has told you that she dreamt that she caught you cheating and beat you up, don't reassure her that that could never happen, because she would have no chance against you in a fight. It doesn't lighten the mood like you might think.