Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"...To See Ourselves As Others See Us"

Whoa, George, can you really not see how you come across, or do you really not care?

"I'm sleeping a lot better than people would assume."

-- President George W. Bush, as quoted in the most recent issue of People

Because they have a soul?

(Nod to KL, who never sleeps)

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Anonymous said...

I am happy you posted on the Lax case on your other blog. I mostly agree with your views on the matter (something that doesn't happen often). And I can hardly say how sad I was to be a Duke student - not so much when I read the document of the "List of 88" (a document I immediately disagreed with though) but when, as months went by, I noticed not one of the 88 publicly acknowledged (as far as I know) what is transparent, i.e. that they made numerous mistakes in issuing such a document, and entertained positions which seemed unreasonable.

Very sad, to see that the administrators and faculty of my school can't do what we students often do in class, even as freshmen: utter a remark, be confronted with contradictory evidence, and revise our initial remark accordingly. Very sad. I mean, there are DEANS in that list of 88. Do we really want to trust people so stubborn (to reality, nonetheless) with the direction of our university? I for one don't.