Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lets get rrrready to rrrrumble!!!

In this corner, Dani Rodrik, Harvard University:

"call me naive, but I also think that Mugabe would not have pursued his policies for this long if he had a better grasp of debt dynamics."

His opponent tonight, Anil Hira: Simon Fraser University:

"This article examines more carefully the oft-made hypotheses that (1) "technocrats" or politicians with an economics background are increasingly common and (2) that this "improvement" in qualifications will lead to improvements in economic policy....Using statistical analysis, the article finds that we cannot conclude that leadership training in economics leads to better economic outcomes."

So I ask you ladies and gentlemen, who ya got??


Brian said...

From my understanding (and I do admit to NOT having an adequate understanding of patent/IP law), the title of this post might be in violation of a particular person's trademarked (or is it copyrighted?) phrase.

Responding to your question (I haven't read the article, yet): Hira.

Angus said...

Oh man. Micheal Buffer might be preparing a lawsuit at this moment. Lucky for me I just work for Mungowitz, he's the one with the deep pockets.