Thursday, July 10, 2008

Context is King

And here's a little for the announcement Mungowitz posted last night, Tom was a year or so ahead of us in grad school. He was the total teacher's pet both in the Econ and Finance departments. He was popular among his classmates because his lovely wife would invite us over to eat real food (which otherwise we could only get from Naugles). When our benefactor Murray Weidenbaum became Reagan's first CEA chair, he took Tom along with him to Washington (yes we are all way way way old).

My personal favorite memory of the Tom Gilligan era at Wash U? Has to be his subtle charm. Some examples:

"Grier, you work out every day and still look like crap. Why is that? How is it possible?"


"Grier, you know why you never keep a girlfriend for more than 3 months? Because that's how long it takes for someone to really get to know you!"

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Anonymous said...

At least he will fit in with the majority of staff at McCombs.