Sunday, July 27, 2008

Never Look Down The Barrell of a Loaded Spudgun

The U.P. suggests this use for those Munger 'taters: Spudgun, from Spudtech.

Wait! You can't really buy one.....Interesting.


Unknownprofessor said...

Oops - thought they were styill in business. In case you're interested, there are a lot of places on the web where you can get plans for a basic spud gun. Here's one:

It's the perfect project to do with the younger Mungers - there's nothing like building your own weapon (even if it only shoots potatoes).

We've got a good friend with a PhD in engineering, and he's built a number of them with his son (they've also made some pretty impressive Pumpkin Catapults that can toss a good sized one over 40 yards). In another couple of years, it'll be time for the Unknown Son and me to get into the act - hopefully without immolating ourselves.

Angus said...

hey! WTF is a barrell????