Sunday, July 27, 2008

There Are So Many Things to Do With A Potato....

Potato, potato, who's got the hot potato?

Perhaps some lucky youngster competing in all sorts of potato games today at the Munger Potato Festival taking place on the grounds of Merritt Township Hall.

Today is Kids Day, and festival chairman Don Smrecak of Munger says there are all sorts of games centering around potatoes and kids beginning at 10:30 a.m. with a tractor pedal pull.

Modeled after the big kids' tractor pull, children ages 4-14 will pedal tractors pulling a dray, which is a weight. Those pulling it the farthest will win prizes. Actually, anyone showing up will win a prize.

Children can also compete in potato sack races, Mr. Potato Head decorating contest, potato face painting and a potato toss.

"There are so many things to do with a potato," Smrecak said. "

A new Lake Wobegon style sign-off: Munger, Michigan. Where even the ugly potatoes are hot, and all the children can pull a dray really far.


Unknownprofessor said...

I imagine it wouldn't be a real munger potato festival unless they had one of these:

Shawn said...

worth making a joke out of:

"anyone showing up will win a prize"

"there are so many things to do with a potato"

"those pulling it the farthest will win prizes" (though, the 'children' aspect here loses joke points).

finally, as a PSA:
Stay away from the Blue house.
As these gentlemen know, there's no 'e' in potato...unless it becomes plural, which it most certainly will, because 'who can shoot just one?'

Shawn said...

second link, again, because my html skills suck.