Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not Work Safe. In fact, Not Home In a Locked Vault Safe

Fightman sent me this link some time ago, but it's so offensive I didn't post it.

Until now.

It's the most offensive video game "moments" of all time. And you think, "How bad can they be? They are VIDEO games!"

Answer: Really, really bad. The "game" at #1 is so bizarrely offensive that it is not worth looking at, and to be fair it is ONLY offensive; it's not even a real game, just somebody being an ass.

But the others? They are all more or less games that someone thought someone ELSE would enjoy.

And, apparently, I think that about YOU. So, enjoy. (Make sure you play the videos. Doesn't mean a thing without the videos. And once you get past the pure awfulness, it's hard to find the video in #6 anything but charming. Or maybe I'm just a connoiseur of good mincing....)

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, you've never played the 1980s hit, Leisure Suit Larry from Sierra Online? That was more funny than offensive, though.

Happy New Year, Mike

Tommy the Englishman