Monday, December 01, 2008

The other shoe drops

"Chavez no ira!" which being translated is "Chavez will not go!", which is what Chavez his ownself told his supporters at recent rally in the capital:

"President Hugo Chavez asked supporters Sunday to petition for a constitutional amendment that would let him seek indefinite re-election and buy more time to build a socialist economy in Venezuela.

Chavez, who was first elected in 1998, is barred from running again when his current term expires in 2013. He sought to abolish term limits last year, but Venezuelan voters rejected the bid, voting down a package of proposed constitutional changes.

"Last year, when we lost the referendum, I said I should accept the majority's decision," the former paratroop commander told a crowd of red-clad government supporters at a rally in Caracas. But now, he added, "I say you were right: Chavez will not go."

Any new attempt at a reform, which must be approved in a nationwide referendum, would open a new front for tensions between government-backers and their rivals — many of whom warn that Chavez wants to be president for life."

Wow a Latin American president trying to amend the constitution to stay in power, who could have seen that coming?


Norman said...

If he can't get the amendment through, will his leadership get worse due to the shorter time horizon? Could it get worse?

Alternatively, would giving him a longer time horizon make him any better?

MaxSpeak said...

Michael Bloomberg?