Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Grand Game

Time for the Grand Game!

That's where we propose an article, and readers point out their favorite passage.

This one is a little more titillating ... or I should say salacious, then the usual fare.

I'll go first, and go easy:

"The teachers were cited... for drinking an undetermined amount."

Wow! I drink an undetermined amount pretty often. Sometimes it's a positive amount, sometimes zero, but rarely is it determined. That's a pretty vague charge, don't you think?

(Nod to Angry Alex)


Alan Adamson said...

I rather like the bit you elided:
Mauro and Brito were cited for "inappropriate sexual behavior in Room 337"

Seems it would have been less of a problem in some other room.

Anonymous said...

"Your lack of judgment constitutes conduct unbecoming of an educator and warrants termination."

In the Army, Conduct Unbecoming was referred to, by its number in the book, as a 15-F*cker. Wonder what they call it in the NYC Public Schools Code of Behavior?

LowcountryJoe said...

I thought the same thing Alan did while reading this.

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