Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I finally got a Kindle! And I like it. It's so ez to use. You can control the font size. It's ergonomic.

My only complaint?

You can't read the damn thing in the dark!


Anonymous said...

Can you read pdf papers with equations on it? That issue has been holding me back.

Shawn said...

i'm tellin' ya man; m-edge case w/ a eluminator2 light. jack. pot.

Jeff said...

And if you decide not to get the case with built in lights as Shawn suggested, get this light

Whatever you do, don't get one that takes flat batteries (like watch batteries). I had one of those and was replacing batteries at least once a week.

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Dr. Tufte said...

Ah ... but you can read it in exceptionally bright light, and strong wind ... two things they have lots of in Oklahoma.

Take it from someone in bright and windy southwestern Utah - it can revolutionize your outdoor reading.

Max said...

What? The Kindle still has no flashlight? I have an 8 year old e-ink device and even that has a flashlight (actually a backlight inside the device). Sometimes I am bewildered at what desigerns forget to implement and what they think might/might not be useful to users =)

Anonymous said...

Assuming you got the Kindle 2, Amazon just announced the Kindle 3 for the same price. Luckily I just bought my two weeks ago so I'm still in the 30 day return policy. I'd recommend sending yours back as well.

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