Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're baaaaAAAAACK!

The EYM and I left Santiago last night at 8 pm, on time. Each of us had a row to ourselves. That's the most I have ever slept on an airplane, probably five of the nine hour flight, maybe a little less.

The EYM didn't really sleep. He was playing Pokemon, on a Gamebay, vintage 1998. Once he started playing....played for six hours. Getting pumped for SC2, I guess.

We arrived in Atlanta, and waited 65 minutes in line for a 30 second check of passports. Just stupid. They had THREE stations open, and there were so many Americans waiting that they overwhelmed the rope line and ran out the door into the American arrival cloaca. "Visitors" had 7 stations open. Now, that's fine, there are more issues there, and it taks longer. But why worry only about budget cost, and not the cost of our time. Since that is only station 1, of 4 (you get your luggage, you go through customs, you recheck your luggage, and then you go through security, with a 20 minute wait and a bunch of aggressive bullies yelling at you), LOTS of people missed their flights. I had left three hours for my connection, because I had seen the US government in action. (And, to be clear, I don't really blame TSA, though it sounds like it. Congress has never funded the agency properly for what the agency is asked to do. I hate to be fair, but, it's not TSA's fault)

Anyway, waiting now for flight to Raleigh, and then I think I'll roll in the arms of Morpheus for a bit.

Oh...and it's hot here. I'm carrying a giant trench coat, and look like an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Just wait for the High speed rail initiative to be finished, then you can train right into Raliegh, it is high on the list corridors that are being promoted. HSR proponents are promoting much less security, than air travel. But of course you have to ask why? Probably because trains are on tracks and can only get to limited locations close to people.

I am sure these central planners for the rail will connect you much better from the train depot to your home than your experience with mass transit to the airport as well.

Jim Cote said...
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Anonymous said...

TSA = Thousands Standing Around. Tom Barnett

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