Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nuclear Launch Detected

SC2. July 27.

I just hope the Terrans don't suck. The first game was fun, but if you could click
fast and accurately, Zerg was almost unbeatable just by running a rush.

This is exciting.

(Note: I had written WC2. Yuck. Sorry. Thanks to John Thacker to pointing out the embarrassing error)


Unknown said...

As someone who's been playing the Beta, if anything Terran might be a bit too strong right now. Just watch out for that baneling bust, it'll getcha.

John Thacker said...

You mean SC2, right.

Still, it's cool that you play.

Max said...

Yeah, aggreed with Dustin, there are still some balance issues. However, you can beat Zerg's even when they try to rush, though I had to work hard to get the rhythm right in using the new mineral gathering boost ups.

Also, for casuals the new automatic controls will make it easier to compete with high apm foes (though this might hurt pro-gamers).

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