Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Maurtius: Paradise Not

Every time I wonder to myself, "Could Joe Stiglitz sell out his considerable talents as an economist any more than he has?", Joe goes and shows that, YES HE CAN.

Mauritius--Paradise. What can the US learn from this tiny island nations?

We can learn that capital is berry, berry good ting to hov, mon. (No, Mauritius is not in the Carribean, sue me). But, when the Mauritianians want a big night out, they go to...Madagascar.

Also, the reason the Mauritius doesn't have American problems is that they don't have the American government. I say we give them Joe Biden, and throw in Fanny and Freddie for a player to be named never.

Anonyman writes: "Having been there, I can say that it's nice, for a 3rd world country. But it's still basic, and basic infrastructure is - well - basic. When you arrive and go through customs you wait in line and a guy behind a tiny desk looks at your passport, and then stamps it. That's all, no computer, no questions, nothing. When I remarked how primitive it was they guy next to me said, in all seriousness, that it's much more modern since they got A/C in the airport.

The best part was that there is a highway across the island, but no overpasses. So every time there is an intersection you go through a traffic circle at 60 mph. It was terrifying, but not in a good way. I was about to vomit after the first one, sort of like when you at the amusement park.

So nirvana? Not really. But a great excuse to visit there as an "economist talking guy." "


William Bruce said...

Is the title a typo, or a joke that I don't get?

משחקי אונליין said...

wooow nice post ! tnks admin!
i will rutern to the blog in the futer:)

Angus said...

I am voting for "typo"

Warren said...

After I read this I thought that doing something (health care, education) for 1.3 million people is a little different than doing it for 300 million people. And he does not mention quality anywhere. I'll take the US over Mauritius.

Anonymous said...

People are pretty dumb. They don't seem to realize how great Mauritius is:

Kunal said...

Mauritius is also an offshore financial center. JStig really ought to have mentioned that somewhere.